Job Descriptions

The attached documents give information to volunteers on how each position within TVKC is managed.

It is a good starting point for someone looking to find their “niche” within the club.

Board of Directors

President – Club-President-Checklist

1st Vice President – First-Vice-President-Checklist

2nd Vice President – 2d-Vice-President-Membership-checklist

Recording Secretary – Recording-Secretary-Checklist

Corresponding Secretary – Corresponding-Secretary-Checklist

Treasurer –Treasurer-Checklist

Director of Electronic Communications – Director-of-Electronic-Communications-checklist

Director of Hospitality – Director-of-Hospitality-Checklist

Director of Publicity –


Agility – Agility (1)

Agility Committee Positions – Agility-Committee-positions

Agility Trial Manual – Agility Trial Manual 2020

TVKC Agility Trial Manual – TVKC-Agility-Trial-Manual

May Show

May Show – May-Show

May Show Health Clinic Coordinator – May-Show-Health-Clinic-Coordinator-Checklist

May Show Parking – May-Show-Parking

Conformation Trial Manual – Show Manual 2023

Statement of Compliance – Statement-of-Compliance


Obedience Trial Manual – Obedience-Trial-Manual


TVKC Rally Trial Manual – TVKC Rally Trial Manual

Rally Trial Manual – Rally-Trial-Manual

Scent Work

Draft Scent Work Trial Manual – Basics-for-Scent-Work-Sanction-matches-and-trials


Tracking Trial Manual – Tracking Test Manual 2022



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