Agility League

Agility League Fall 2023

Congratulations to our Fall 2023 AKC Agility League winners and placements!
Regulation PhD 16” Regular First Place Blink Julie Schrengost
24” Regular First Place Sera Rob Olson
24” Regular Third Place Nemesis Sara Williams
Limited Senior Team Third Place Naked with Hair Everywhere
Team Ninth Place Alaska Happy Hour Hounds
Team Tenth Place Red Hot Chilly Puppers
  Clean Sweep Blossom Cindy Moulton & Nancy Aitchison
12” Regular First Place Tyra Banks Patti Engleman
16” Regular First Place Kick Lisa Vaughn
20” Regular Fourth Place Sunny Jimmie Ricks
24” Regular First Place Ruckus Dawn Baptist
8” Preferred Fourth Place Buddy Crystal Dennis
12” Preferred Second Place Copper Leslie Lewis
20” Preferred Second Place Bumble Tabitha Plambeck
20” Preferred Third Place Jack Sara Kline
12” Veteran First Place Cajun Lisa Vaughn
12” Veteran Fourth Place Jiggy Cindy Molton
Limited Freshman 20” Regular Second Place Lark Dianne Marshall
16” Preferred Fifth Place Kiwi ZoAnne Boyd


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