Rally RACH – RM Recognition

Congratulations to Janet Brown & Buster on their Rally Champion title!!

Congratulations to Sheri Walsh & Bella on their Rally Champion title (RACH2)!!

Bella is the first RACH2 in her breed

Bella is the first AKC Xolo to earn the RACH Title

Rally Champion Stripe — Xolo — Sheri Walsh

Stripe is the third AKC Xolo to earn the RACH Title

Rally Master 2 & Rally Advanced Excellent 2 Duke – Labrador Retriever – Dawn Baptist

Rally Master / Rally Advanced Excellent Buster — Golden Retriever — Janet Brown

Rally Master / Rally Advanced Excellent Chance — Border Collie — Catherine Hadley

Rally Master Lucy — Mini American Shepherd — Mary Ann Robinson

Rally Master Cajun — Border Collie — Lisa Vaughn

Rally Master Chai — Border Collie — Lisa Vaughn







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