TVKC Agility History 

Agility was introduced to the Fairbanks area in 2001 by Pat and Sheila Carter. In July 2002, TVKC held an Agility Sanction Match making our club eligible to host our first agility trial in 2003. We held our trials in July at the University of Alaska until 2005. Our agility classes were held in the Kiwanis Building at the Fairgrounds through the Fall 2005 and then our classes moved to the new barn at Camp Li-Wa.

We added three day trials in 2009 in April and September. In 2011 AKC allowed clubs more trials and we went to three – three-day trials a year. In 2013 AKC approved twelve trials a year and we added a three-day trial in October. Normally an agility ring is 100’x100. Since Camp Li-Wa is only 58.5’ wide, TVKC has to request approval from AKC to host trials at Camp Li-Wa. In Sept 2016, TVKC hosted their 100th trial.
We reorganized the agility program, in 2005, making manuals and creating four levels – Fundamentals, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. We still offer eight week classes in the Fall and Spring at Camp Li- Wa. We also offer outdoor training at two locations, during the summer months. We review our program after spring classes—making changes that have been approved and then the Head Instructor is responsible for updating the manuals.

If you would like to see a complete list of TVKC members MACH/PACH awards, check out the TVKC Members Showcase tab located on our home page.

TVKC offers jumpers w/weaves which consists of jumps/weaves and a standard ring, which includes contact equipment, weaves, tunnel, chute and weaves – and alternate between FAST, Time 2 Beat and Premier for our 3rd pattern. You have to qualify three times to earn your novice, open and excellent title. After excellent you move into the master level where you then start working on a MACH or PACH title. Your dog must achieve a minimum of 750 speed points (1 point is awarded for each full second under standard course time) and 20 double qualifying scores (dogs qualifying with scores of 100 in both the master agility standard class and the master jumpers with weaves class on the same day). PACH titles are earned by dogs jumping in preferred classes and PAX titles are earned while at excellent level.