Tracking Seminar Registration


Sign up and payment is going to be a two step process so we don’t overbook the seminar & have to do refund payments.

Fill out the form below, then hit Submit.  The Tracking Seminar Coordinator will get an email that you want a slot – DO NOT go to the payment page yet.

You will get an email from the Coordinator with your confirmation and instructions to go to the payment form.  You, the Club Treasurer and the Tracking Coordinator will be notified that you have paid.

You must have a current rabies certificate on file with TVKC – bring your certificate to the workshop if not already on file.

I hereby agree to hold TVKC, Megan Hundley, Alaska Dept of Fish & Game, its members, directors,
officers, agents, committees, and/or members thereof, and all employees of said organizations holding
this event in whatever capacity HARMLESS from 1) Any loss or injury which may accrue to any person
or thing and/or which may be caused directly or indirectly to any person or thing by any biting by or by
any other act of the said dog(s) while in or upon the premises or grounds, or in, at, or near any entrances or exits thereto, whether or not and when the said dog(s) is (are) being delivered, removed, or
otherwise handled, and to personally assume full responsibility and liability therefore, and 2) the disappearance and/or theft or otherwise, and/or death of said dog(s) and/or all damages of injuries to said
person(s) and all damages and/or damages caused by the negligence or carelessness of the said clubs,
their members, or any other person connected with the clubs in any manner or by any other person(s),
and/or by any causes directly or indirectly occurring while such person(s) are participating in the above
named even on club premises.