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AKC Junior Handling Program

Visit the AKC website for a description of the AKC Junior Handling Program >>

TVKC offers Junior Handler training along with our other classes.

Young handlers from 9-18 years old who are TVKC members, either Junior TVKC members or included with their family in a TVKC household membership, are eligible to take Junior Handling classes for free. 

In order to show in a Junior Handler class at an AKC dog show Junior Handlers must have their own dog or co-own their dog; this is an AKC requirement for an AKC Junior Handler competition

Junior Handlers can bring someone else's dog to a TVKC class to learn the skills, that is fine.  Juniors can also handle someone else's dog at an AKC dog show in any class other than a Juniors class. 

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